B-TOY (Bitmap TO Yamakawa) is a program for Raite / Yamakawa / Kiss / SEG (and other derivatives) DVD players. These can play MP3 CD’s but unfortunately cannot read ID3 tags. But since you can display a picture for every MP3, this program generates bitmaps with the previous and next tracks for every MP3.

Download the Software
(The last created version 0.9.20 is available here 0.9.20)

To avoid possible legal difficulties, I renamed the tool from Yamakawa-Tool to B-TO Y so let’s Bitmap TO Yamakawa.

Smaller errors in various submenus that led to graphics errors as soon as
large fonts were selected in Windows.

Option for sorting extended, now the tags can not only be changed, but also
saved in the MP3 afterwards , that means the program saves the ID3 tags of the complete project in the MP3 files.
Furthermore, the small problem with the focus follows the mouse pointer and the possibility of using tabulator has been fixed
and cursor is created to move freely in the table. Both together make it much easier
to change the tags of a complete project. (eg to remove those annoying MP3-Warez comments in one go)

I was able to reproduce the bug with the “pointer” (one full time) but the
error only occurred this one time and during this process I could not detect it
where exactly he is sitting (SCHADE – Nasty little bugger) I will continue to
investigate , because that kind of thing annoys me.

For all those who are interested in the innards of the BTOY, the source code of the BTOY is now available (requirement is Borland C ++ Builder 4.0, with various free / shareware components).

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I cannot offer any support for the source, I am fully occupied with other programming projects for my studies. That was also the reason why I no longer programmed the tool. I ask for your understanding that I do not answer any questions. The best thing to do if you want to program such a tool is to only get suggestions from the code if there are any and then reprogram the tool yourself.

To the discontinuation of the project came up when the version I was working on (a completely revised version) was destroyed by a crash. This reduced my desire to code and increased my desire for a regular backup.